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E-Commerce Insights 2024-2026:
Trends and Industry Challenges

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Today’s E-commerce market poses many pivotal questions for developers, marketers, and stakeholders. Solvd’s team and Censuswide, a global research company, jointly carried out extensive survey to explore the most acute problems e-commerce projects face today, trends that domain experts foresee, and strategies they deem the most prospective. 

This White Paper disseminates the findings and statistics from this research and draws invaluable e-commerce insights about the business expectations, goals, and development paths of e-commerce companies in the realm of infrastructure and software development for their projects. Through extensive interviews, detailed surveys, and expert conclusions, we've distilled actionable strategies that can help e-commerce enterprises innovate and grow.

Key Takeaways

Learn about the various technological, operational and strategical challenges that e-commerce companies face. 

Find out the most important emerging trends for improving customer experience, decision-making and security of e-commerce operations.

Discuss the importance of strategic partnerships for enhancing flexibility, scalability, and how to access specialized expertise.

Highlight solutions and future directions: receive deep e-commerce insights from leading experts. 


Ready to explore the multifaceted challenges and the emerging trends that will shape the future of online commerce and get first-hand e-commerce insights?